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I was the leader of one away team! Also, it's made abundantly clear in notes that she has a fearsome side. Excellus believes that revealing that her older brother Yen'fay didn't betray her but instead sacrificed himself for her sake will completely break her to the point of stopping fighting altogether

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In Resurrection F this is actually Fridge Brilliance.

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The otherwise fairly serious sports manga was retooled into a Gag Series , with its battle-hardened Action Girl protagonist being turned into a vapid moeblob. Fan interpretations of Terezi during her kismesissitude with Gamzee often veer into this.


The page quote references Goku's wife Chichi, although she's actually a subversion. I can already see the first mimimi comments:


Since most "major" promotions in the USA were giving women five minute matches, Tom Randolph and Penny Banner decide to give them a place where most of the matches were between fifteen and thirty minutes, in order to let women show a wider range of what they could do and use the footage to increase their standings. After that, Camilla becomes a shell-shocked ball of fear who remains so until it's time to kill Iago in the storyline, at which point she finally regains her Action Girl traits. Eve Torres , a blue belt in Brazilian jujitsu, was taken somewhat seriously at first but if you heard anything about her background, it was probably her cheer leading and then she was reduced to a panicky mess whenever Kane appeared. Hey Shad have you seen Code Geass? Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

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